What People Are Saying…


The space/medium to comprehend ‘our own selves’ is not inherently available within our own city. DIY has started the initiative to build a casual but shrewd medium for Surabaya to learn from and understand ourselves.

Aryani Widagdo

The chance to meet various fashion people in Surabaya in one open forum is a great experience. We meet various fashion people with different orientations, but similar vision, that is, to develop the creative industry in Surabaya, from its ideas and creation, to its workforce and its market.

Ramok Lakoro

DIY is the opportunity to bring Surabaya as a more significant force into the creative economy map, or at least to build the movement for a new tradition in creative communities in Surabaya.

Bayu Prasetya

The themes were contextualised to Surabaya conditions, the discussions were constructive, and the atmosphere was casual and relaxed. I think DIY is an optimism in growing and developing design in Surabaya.

Yoshi Fajar Kresno Murti

DIY is important, not only for providing the space for various economic communities, but also to show the economic creativity of independent communities in Surabaya.

Obed Bima Wicandra

What touched me is people from various backgrounds—designers, comic artists, urban artists, social scientists and other supposedly non-related disciplines—gathered and shared various ideas, proving that yes we do have designers, artists, and people who give a damn in Surabaya.