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Report: DIY Talk #5: Urban art
Kathleen Azali

Dimoderatori oleh Obed Bima Wicandra, seorang dosen DKV dari UK Petra, yang telah lama menaruh perhatian terhadap seni urban dan di tahun 2005 bersama kawannya mendirikan Komunitas Tiada Ruang. Pembicara: Ryan Rizky (Street Art Surabaya); Dinar dan Lury Coco (BRAngerous); X-Go Warhol, dan Redi Murti.

Report: DIY Talk #3: Graphic & Branding
Ari Kurniawan

Discussing about the real condition and the specific potential of Surabaya along with the practicioners in the Surabaya graphic design world can be the first step to bring the graphic design community to be more organized and also to contribute to not only the designers, but also to the public.

Report: DIY Talk #2: Design Business & Management
Ayos Purwoaji

Just because the backgrounds of the speakers were different, it didn’t mean that they had different points of view about the vital part of management on design process.

Report: DIY Talk #1: Introduction to Design
Kathleen Azali

“Dad, what is design?” asked Jasmine, a question previously raised by Ayos to her just to poke fun at her, but one that this little girl apparently had taken seriously.  Pak Ramok, her dad, chuckled and answered, “Why don’t you sit down there, and maybe later you will find out the answer.” “Nine years ago, […]