The Resources

The City within the Kampung’s Universe
Mohammad Cahyo (MADcahyo)

Surabaya is composed of complex networks of kampungs. These networks shaped and form the characters and relationship among the people.

Surabaya in Six Words
Anas Hidayat

The city is—more than anything else—a group of people. They thus must be treated as humans, with their own dignity and pride.

A bunch of women artists

A combination of the words ‘Brain Release Art’ (BRA) and Dangerous, BRAngerous becomes the identity for this group of Surabaya female artists. BRAngerous’ name reflects and proves the desire of these women to be able to speak up and to act in their artistic creations.

Creating Creative Public Spaces in Surabaya
Gunawan Tanuwidjaja

The Bungkul Park supported the local economy (food hawkers, etc)., facilitated creative collaboration such as bikers’ communities, art activities, provide recreation and sports in the urban context as well as the social interaction, pride and memory to the People.

The Dialectics in Urban Art
Obed Bima Wicandra

Urban art is closely tied to its geographical factor–that is the city–not only just as a landscape but also as an open space where the dialogues and the dialectics of the citizen happen.

Not trying to be Cool, but Truly Cool
Benny Wicaksono

For an artist, the problem of choosing a medium of choice is something imporant, even strategic, in order to enter the working area of ​​endless creativity.

Report: DIY Talk #8: Urban Planning
Hermawan Dasmanto

Tata kota seperti apa yang dapat mendorong pertumbuhan dan perkembangan komunitas kreatif secara berkelanjutan (sustainable)? Diskusi bersama Gunawan Tanuwidjaja dari UK Petra, Anas Hidayat dari Republik Kreatif, MADcahyo dari noMADen, Wahyu Setyawan dari arsitektur ITS, dan Iman Christian dari Bappeko (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Kota).

Report: DIY Talk #7: Digital Media
Ayos Purwoaji

Defining design in today’s digital era is not a very easy task, there are a lot of cross and connections of multiple disciplines that create new domains and forms of art. The conventional design shape can easily change or even evolved to a new shape and form.

Report: DIY Talk #6: Fashion
Felkiza Vinanda

The closing of the discussion was marked by Alek Kowalski’s commentary on the issues faced by the local fashion scene in Surabaya. He encouraged fashion lovers in Surabaya to held more special forum.