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(Indonesian) Zine//Picnic #2: Omnibus
Debby Utomo

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Remaking of Place Strategy for Jalan Panggung
Gunawan Tanuwidjaja

Jalan Panggung, as one of heritage areas gazetted in Surabaya Municipal Spatial Plan of 2010-2030, was potentially developed as tourism and commercial areas. The architectural of Jalan Panggung’s shop-houses was found charming by the foreign tourists.

A Decor Inspiration (or Plenty!) from ORE Store
Starlet Susilo

Starlet from Can You Come Home shares her decor inspirations from one of our favorite design-it-yourself small businesses in Surabaya, Ore Store.

Report: National Workshop on Developing Arts and Culture
Design It Yourself

On 12-13 July 2012, the government organized a workshop on art and culture in Hotel Majapahit to revive Taman Budaya with more activities involving youths and creative industries. Yet, initially, no youth or creative industry representatives were invited to this event.

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Report: Arte-Polis 4 Bandung
Kathleen Azali

However uneven the quality of the papers, this conference forged meetings of various actors, policy-makers, stakeholders, and thus created further connections and intersections, where future possibilities—and also past histories—can be imagined.

DIY Report 2011 (beta)
Design It Yourself

Versi beta publikasi pasca-acara dari Design It Yourself 2011, yang memuat berbagai informasi mengenai desain—grafis, komik, seni urban, fashion, digital media, tata kota, dll—di Surabaya. 16 Maret 2012.

Novie Elisa

“I’m sooo absurd. I’m an artist.” “I’m a crook. I’m a politician.” “I dig cutting edge sound. I’m a true musician” Mommy, I don’t know what I want to be. They look retarded.

Locker Keeper vol.2-c
The Birth of Surabaya Fashion Carnival
Felkiza Vinanda

May 2008, that was the first time we started Surabaya Fashion Carnival—from a home computer and SMS discussion.

Design Management
Bayu Prasetya

Design management is a way to manage creativity, so the next question will be, is it possible to manage your creativity? Is management just going to make limitations in creativity itself?