Nita Darsono

Currently works as graphic designer / copywriter at one creative agency, but consistently (and persistently!) drawing in discreet during her work hours. she is finding her way to be a freelance illustrator and listed as a member of BRAngerous (Indonesia's Woman Art Community). After finished her studies in Visual Communication Design and wandered around several creative agencies, she finds illustration represents her heart the best. She now lives in Indonesia with one zombie husband and a fat cat.



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A bunch of women artists

A combination of the words ‘Brain Release Art’ (BRA) and Dangerous, BRAngerous becomes the identity for this group of Surabaya female artists. BRAngerous’ name reflects and proves the desire of these women to be able to speak up and to act in their artistic creations.

Zine//Picnic & Market

Come to the closing of Design It Yourself 2011 for a day of fun, featuring Zine//Picnic for all zine makers & lovers, and DIY Market for local and secondhand crafts and trinkets!

DIY Talk #2: Design Business & Management

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bayu Prasetya (Graphichapter)
Arghubi (Aiola, Global appleworks)
Nitchii (
Vinka (Gathotkaca Studio)
Maritjee (


DIY Tote Bag

Only Rp. 45.000 (Rp. for C2O members) All proceeds go to: Design It Yourself Contact: Anitha Silvia / 0856 4543 8964

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