Gita Artia

I am Gita Artia, you can call me Gita. I love to write because writing is a form of communication for me and it keeps my thoughts organized and I also love to read books; such as novels and books with social and gender issues. I secretly feel jealous to people who can draw, well now it’s not too secretly :p I love photography, though I don’t really able to take a good picture but I’ll continue learning. Last but not least, I love dogs because somehow they make a good companion ☺ FB: Gita Artia Miranti Twitter: @gitartia



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Surabaya in Six Words

The city is—more than anything else—a group of people. They thus must be treated as humans, with their own dignity and pride.

Report: DIY Talk #1: Introduction to Design

“Dad, what is design?” asked Jasmine, a question previously raised by Ayos to her just to poke fun at her, but one that this little girl apparently had taken seriously.  Pak Ramok, her dad, chuckled and answered, “Why don’t you sit down there, and maybe later you will find out the answer.” “Nine years ago, […]