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Locker Keeper vol.2-c
The Birth of Surabaya Fashion Carnival

May 2008, that was the first time we started Surabaya Fashion Carnival—from a home computer and SMS discussion.

Report: DIY Talk #6: Fashion

The closing of the discussion was marked by Alek Kowalski’s commentary on the issues faced by the local fashion scene in Surabaya. He encouraged fashion lovers in Surabaya to held more special forum.

DIY Talk #6: Fashion

Saturday, October 22, 2011, 1700
C2O Library, Jl. Dr. Cipto 20 Surabaya 60264

Kanya (VRY), Marsha (kimilatta), Ariani Widagdo (Arva School), Era Hermawan (Tempat Biasa), Alek Kowalsky (Ore Premium Store, allthethingsivedone), Felkiza Vinanda (Surabaya Fashion Carnival), Camomile Nungki (house of laksmi)


DIY Tote Bag

Only Rp. 45.000 (Rp. 40.ooo for C2O members) All proceeds go to: Design It Yourself Contact: Anitha Silvia public@c2o-library.net / 0856 4543 8964

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