Design It Yourself

Design It Yourself is an annual series of design events first held in October 2011 at C2O Library. For this event, we gather various parties, from small communities, business, and academics related to design, particularly in Surabaya, to together instrospect and share their stories, ideas and inspirations, about their own situations and conditions.



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Selected tenants for DIY Fair 2013

Berikut adalah tenant yang terpilih untuk DIY Fair 2013 Van Grissee Caramel Moochi Astia Dwihani – Booch & Handmade gloaming MONZNINOEN SHOP Artsy Bitsy Lia Scrapbooking Vondro CADstuff Kamicinta //DAZZ vanishing & vund. Radin Sewing Me Ola Bella theurgy of dop FULL US Fashion Mabuhaii classic old new Inspiring Summer serbuk kayu Jolly Bites Kuweh […]

Fablab the Legacy: Towards the Border

Tuesday, 24 September 2013, 6-9pm
C2O library & collabtive
Jl. Dr. Cipto 20
Surabaya 60264

Report: National Workshop on Developing Arts and Culture

On 12-13 July 2012, the government organized a workshop on art and culture in Hotel Majapahit to revive Taman Budaya with more activities involving youths and creative industries. Yet, initially, no youth or creative industry representatives were invited to this event.

DIY Report 2011 (beta)

Versi beta publikasi pasca-acara dari Design It Yourself 2011, yang memuat berbagai informasi mengenai desain—grafis, komik, seni urban, fashion, digital media, tata kota, dll—di Surabaya. 16 Maret 2012.