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Report: National Workshop on Developing Arts and Culture

On 12-13 July 2012, the government organized a workshop on art and culture in Hotel Majapahit to revive Taman Budaya with more activities involving youths and creative industries. Yet, initially, no youth or creative industry representatives were invited to this event.

Report: DIY Talk #7: Digital Media

Defining design in today’s digital era is not a very easy task, there are a lot of cross and connections of multiple disciplines that create new domains and forms of art. The conventional design shape can easily change or even evolved to a new shape and form.

DIY Talk #7: Digital Media

Working in a relatively young discipline, these panelists are always facing challenges to work their message and expression in a medium whose character and complexity progress as fast as the technology itself.

Report: DIY Talk #2: Design Business & Management

Just because the backgrounds of the speakers were different, it didn’t mean that they had different points of view about the vital part of management on design process.

DIY Talk #2: Design Business & Management

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bayu Prasetya (Graphichapter)
Arghubi (Aiola, Global appleworks)
Nitchii (nitchii.net)
Vinka (Gathotkaca Studio)
Maritjee (maritjee.blogspot.com)