Anitha Silvia

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Report: National Workshop on Developing Arts and Culture

On 12-13 July 2012, the government organized a workshop on art and culture in Hotel Majapahit to revive Taman Budaya with more activities involving youths and creative industries. Yet, initially, no youth or creative industry representatives were invited to this event.

Design It Yourself goes to Yogya!

Saturday, June 2, 2012, 5pm
at KUNCI Cultural Studies Center
Jl. Langenarjan Lor No. 17B
Panembahan, Yogyakarta, INDONESIA 55131

Zine//Picnic & Market

Come to the closing of Design It Yourself 2011 for a day of fun, featuring Zine//Picnic for all zine makers & lovers, and DIY Market for local and secondhand crafts and trinkets!

DIY Workshop: Malaikat & Singa

DIY Workshop, featuring Arrington de Dionyso.
18 October 2011.
C2O Library

Tempertantrum: A Collective Mixtape Exhibition

Mixtape is a compilation of songs under a certain theme, recorded on a cassette, though these days more often on a CD. This is perhaps the first mixtape exhibition in Indonesia. An audio visual exhibition, featuring 2D & 3D arrtworks as visuals from mixtape.