Adrea Kristatiani

A little lady Adrea Kristatiani, with a nickname ‘Dea’. She grew with passion of illustrator, graphic designer and still life photographer. She pours her feelings into her pictures, because it is her Prozac. She is fond at cute stuff more than anything. She lives in her little world with every fancy things she imagined. She also likes to dance and sing, but too shy to show it. Now she is in the way building her dreams and her lovely future life.



Find Adrea Kristatiani here!

Report: DIY Talk #3: Graphic & Branding

Discussing about the real condition and the specific potential of Surabaya along with the practicioners in the Surabaya graphic design world can be the first step to bring the graphic design community to be more organized and also to contribute to not only the designers, but also to the public.

Report: DIY Talk #2: Design Business & Management

Just because the backgrounds of the speakers were different, it didn’t mean that they had different points of view about the vital part of management on design process.