About DIY

Design It Yourself is an annual series of design events first held in October 2011 at C2O Library. For this event, we gather various parties, from small communities, business, and academics related to design, particularly in Surabaya, to together instrospect and share their stories, ideas and inspirations, about their own situations and conditions. Various design disciplines are involved, from design in general, graphic design, design business & management, fashion, digital media, comic, urban art, and urban planning were discussed in one casual talk & presentation series. Design It Yourself posits that the space and the conditions need to be created for people to think, plan and act with imagination in harnessing opportunities or addressing seemingly intractable urban problems.

We believe that the fundamental, but often overlooked initial step, lies in in the mapping and documenting our own local culture, our distinctive situations and conditions, in order to make what previously has seemed too vague and complex, to be slightly more visible and tangible. Design It Yourself is initiated by Butawarna Design and C2O Library, supported by various awesome participants. Drop us a line here—we are always open to ideas, collaboration chance, or even a simple hello.