Aryani Widagdo

March 7th, 2012  |  Published in What People Are Saying...

The chance to meet various fashion people in Surabaya in one open forum is a great experience. We meet various fashion people with different orientations, but similar vision, that is, to develop the creative industry in Surabaya, from its ideas and creation, to its workforce and its market.

What we’ve usually observed in this similar forum is a general lack of attention on how to represent ideas, products and users through the designers him/herself (how to “present/sell yourself”). His or her appearance, and how s/he communicate ideas ultimately is important in gaining the trust about his creation, and thus his/her products do not just posses aesthetics and functions but also the “soul”.

I hope this kind of discourse becomes more effective, not just in discussion or writing, since the “Z generation” is waiting for their turn from the previous generation.

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Aryani Widagdo
Arva School of Fashion