Report: DIY Talk #6: Fashion

October 24th, 2011  |  Published in Articles

Hi everyone! Did you all come to the DIY Talk #6? It’s such a shame if you didn’t, because you’ve missed such an inspirational moment!

#1: Pre-Event

The time showed 16:30 and the Surabaya Fashion Carnival team was quickly getting off from our vehicle and entering the library located at Cipto 20, Surabaya. As soon as we got in, we were warmly welcomed by Anitha Silvia (Tinta), our friend who is known for her enthusiasm for art and cultural events. She directed us to meet the people who manage  c2o (one of them is Kathleen Azali – the owner of c2o library) and also the moderator of this evening’s disccusion, Linartha Darwis.

While we were showing our presentation material to Kathleen, we also had a chat with Linartha, who turned out to be a writer in one local magazine. We discussed our daily activities, Surabaya Fashion Carnival’s agenda, and also a bit of a sneak peek of this evening’s discussion. Not long after, came Kanyasita Mahastri and Adriani Rahayu from VRY label with their matching black outwear. Their arrival had made our gathering much merrier. Soon, followed Mrs. Aryani Widagdo (founder of the Arva School of Fashion), Embran Nawawi (Fashion Design Instructor at Arva School of Fashion), Era Hermawan (owner of Tempat Biasa), Chamomile Nungki (owner and creative director of House of Laksmi label), and the pioneer couple of independent premium store in Surabaya, Alek Kowalsky and Dewi Asthari (owner of ORE Premium Store and fashion label allthethingsivedone). Now, since all of the speakers were here, let’s start the discussion event!

#2 : The Event!

Approaching 6 o’clock, the discussion participants started to fill the venue. To be honest, we were really surprised to see that the ratio of female and male participants was quite even. This was obviously contrary to our assumption that today’s discussion would be filled with female particpants (you must know the reason, right?). It means that there’s already a better awareness of fashion in Surabaya. Do you agree? J

Linartha Darwis as the moderator finally opened the discussion with a session of speakers’ introduction. We started with Chamomile Nungki and her amazing presentation, and then followed by our turn, the Surabaya Fashion Carnival team, which at that time was represented by Felkiza Vinanda, Reza Oktivia Hamenda, and Putri Macan (for this event,Mars Rizkia was speaking on the behalf of Kimilatta). Our presentation began with our video portfolio that showed the works of Surabaya Fashion Carnival from 2008 until today, starting from the blog’s features to our achievement of getting highlighted in various media. As soon as the video ended, a wave of applause came from the participants. Ah, we didn’t know whether we should feel proud or not, but we were definitely very appreciative for their response J

Without further ado, Linartha gave the other speakers their turn to introduce themselves. Mars Rizkia, the owner and creative director of Kimillatta, and Kanyasita Mahastri and Andriani Rahayu of VRY fashion label. Showcashing the unique collection of Kimilatta’s handmade dreamcatcher necklace and the various tone colors from VRY, the three girls also received applause from the participants!

Next was Alek Kowalsky, speaking for allthethingsivedone, a fashion label that he founded together with Dewi Asthari in 2007. With his good public speaking skils, Alek Kowalski seemed to hypnotize the audience and the speakers who were really focused listening to what he said about allthethingsivedone.  This was followed by Mrs. Ariani Widagdo’s and Embran Nawawi’s turn; both of them repetitively mentioned Alek Kowalski and allthethingsivedone label as a good process and product that applied the fashion design’s knowledge. “A good fashion product is a functional product”. I like the seasonal concept (Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter) that was offered by Alek and his allthethingsivedone label,” said Mrs. Ariani during her presentation about Arva School of Fashion.

Next, Embran Nawawi gave us a “bonus” material about the right process for clothing design; starting from concept building to selling it in the market. No wonder that the discussion participants seemed more serious listening to Embran’s explanation, since he was discussing the problem that was always faced by fashion designers. Like how to design clothing that fits with the public needs. His response to the participants’ questions created an interesting and inspirational discussion that invited the participants for a more critical thinking in regards to the growth of local fashion infrastructure in Surabaya.

Last was the presentation of Era Hermawan as the owner of Tempat Biasa. Her works in selling quality secondhand stuff was not missed either from the attention and critics of the discussion participants and speakers. And so, from this discussion we could unveil one by one important issues in Surabaya’s local fashion scene and the discussion finally focused on the topic of “The issues that the speakers are facing and how they find the solutions for each of these issues”.

Chamomile Nungki, Era Hermawan, Ibu Ariani Widagdo, Embran Nawawi, and Alek Kowalski had all spoken about their issues; now the discussion participants’ attention were on the Surabaya Fashion Carnival’s team. Surprisingly, we were directly cornered with this question: “Why do you rarely post these days?”. These questions lead to an interesting discussion of various topics, and we received a bunch of interesting suggestions, from opening an opportunity for others to contribute on article content (so our blog’s post would be more frequent) to the idea of documenting the fashion movement in Surabaya from year to year. Seeing such an interactive discussion process, we were very grateful to the participants for their contribution; both for their advice and critics to us as one as the fashion movers in Surabaya. Thank you once again, we are taking all of your advices :)

#3. End of Event

The closing of the discussion was marked by Alek Kowalski’s commentary on the issues faced by the local fashion scene in Surabaya. He encouraged fashion lovers in Surabaya to held more special forum. A forum where the academics, makers (fashion or accessories designers), and media (fashion journalists) could gather and discussed important issues in Surabaya’s local fashion scene. His suggestion promptly received a loud applause and positive responses from the speakers, moderator and discussion participants.

Finally the Q&A session must ended. Linartha Darwis as a moderatore gave a conclussion of the discussion, one of the point was the importance of media to inform the development of fashion to Surabaya’s citizen. The DIY Talk#6: Fashion was closed with an applause from everyone attending.

OK, friends. See you in the next event and wait for more updates from us 😉

*Photo by: Fajri Armansya

Being one of the speaker in DIY Talk#6 – Fashion!

by Felkiza Vinanda

May 2008, I was waiting for the announcement of High School graduation. Yes, I could still vividly remember the time when I was terribly bored, not knowing what to do. College was already in my pocket (aka, I have been accepted), my decision was firm to enter that college, as a result, I was too lazy to take SPMB (new students selection exam) etc. So, I chose to stay at home (rather than taking tutoring classes), I sat in front of my computers and browsed the world wide web, and suddenly, I was in love with tons of international street-style sites.

Without doubt, some of my favorite street-style blog/sites: Facehunter, The Sartorialist, Hel Looks, Fashion Filosofy, Stockholm Street Style, Manchester Looks, Street Pepper, to (the closest one) Jakarta StreetLooks, were my inspiration to start Surabaya Fashion Carnival. Not just because of the cool factor of the people and the pictures, but also because of the motive of the blog/site owner for doing their works. And, it was for that same motive that I joined DIY Talk#6: Fashion on October 22, 2011 in c2o library.

Poster DIY Talk#6 : Fashion

I’ve never thought that I would sit next to Mrs. Ariani Widagdo (founder of Arva School of Fashion), Embran Nawawi (Fashion Design Instructure at Arva School of Fashion, also famous as one of the fashion police in a segment in a national newspaper), and Alek Kowalski (owner of ORE Premium Store and label allthethingsivedone) whom I admire for his knowledge and experience in Surabaya’s fashion local scene. Just imagine, an ordinary college student could suddenly become one of the speakers in a discussion event and be in the same position as these great people!

Oh well, of course it was not a mere coincidence or luck. My 2 best friends(Putri Macan and Echa) and I were there to represent Surabaya Fashion Carnival, a fashion blog that covers the latest development in Surabaya’s local fashion scene. Other speakers (as shown in the poster) were there to represent an institution, label, or project related fashion. For example, Mars Rizkia represented her accessories label, Kimilatta; and Era Hermawan represented her secondhand business, Tempat Biasa. There, we sat to discuss local potentials, obstacles, future prospects, and real issues related to Surabaya’s local fashion from the perspective of each panelists. That’s why that night’s discussion was titled “DIY (Design It Yourself) Talk”.

Overall, the discussion went smoothly and was inspirational. I learned a lot from the people who sat next to me, as well as from the discussion participants. From the speakers, I learned about the knowledge of fashion itself, while from the participants, I learned to-self introspect! Guess what, one of the participants suddenly asked, “Why do Surabaya Fashion Carnival rarely post these days?”. Honestly, I was a bit confused how to answer, fearing that we would look unprofessional *hehe*. Finally, I chose to speak the truth. I admitted that Surabaya Fashion Carnival’s crews are all very busy at the moment. Mars with her Kimilatta’s label, Echa with her teaching and her fashion label Gobble, Putri with her abundant college projects (understandable, since she’s a design major), and myself with my 24 credits at college (11 classes at once!). So, we didn’t have enough time to take care our blog that has received 3000 likes at Facebook *hooray*. Quickly, some of the participants raised their hands and suggested some solutions to us. Honestly, at that moment, I didn’t expect how the participants could be so supportive for us to continue Surabaya Fashion Carnival!

See, from here I got two conclusions. First, forum like DIY Talk is a good example of ways to improve the relationship between local scene infrastructures in Surabaya. Isn’t it thanks to DIY Talk that there is finally a communication between the makers, distributors, consumers, media, and fashion academics in Surabaya? J Second and lastly, apparently people are still looking forward for us to continue Surabaya Fashion Carnival. For me, this is an honour that I have to hold since trust from people is important for your image. Agreed? :)

P.S: For more about DIY Talk#6, read my writing in Surabaya Fashion Carnival’s page. Thank you! :)

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